A ‘portfolio update’ on themes highlighted in past posts (i.e., China, Japanese Yen, and Europe’s energy crisis, commodity supercycle, etc.)

December 2022

Japan’s new path leads to strong JPY appreciation through higher domestic bond yields & lower US-Japan bond yield differentials

November 2022

Increasing odds of a range-bound / slowly upwards-sloping grind with substantial rotation within equities
Relevant metrics / KPIs, takeaways and the future of Going John Galt
Nuclear and the uranium market—fuel for nuclear power plants—offers a great asymmetric risk-return opportunity today
Examining a potential peak in bond yields, an event that should reverberate throughout the whole financial system

October 2022

Technical and fundamental factors are setting the market up for yet another bear market rally
What I got right / wrong about China in June: update on the ChinaTech thesis and the country's potential in coming months
Countries have to choose between their bond market and their currency
What's going on in FX Land and what might be in the cards soon

September 2022

A (fresh) perspective on the emergence of a multipolar world order and its implications for investors
Equities remain under the tenuous authority of investor positioning and mechanical / systematic flows