Great investment thesis summary, thanks John!

Supply and demand very positive, as you state.

In my view the main risk to the investment thesis is a (low probability but high impact) accident in a nuclear power plant, be it by

1. natural disaster a la Fukushima (very unlikely as we've been warned),

2. human error a la Chernobyl or Three-Mile Island (unlikely but always a possibility when people are involved) or

3. deliberate attack by war or terrorism (not happened yet, and hence might catch us by surprise).

Let's hope for the best!

Cheers from Dubai,


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Glad you covered this space. The student managed investment fund I am the faculty advisor for (West Virginia University) has a significant portfolio allocation to URA. I’ve encouraged patience with the position.

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Nov 18, 2022Liked by John Galt

Great piece! I'm also long...

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