Welcome—John Galt here.

In my past life I was an institutional private equity investor, with extensive experience managing global, institutional capital for a large US private equity shop.

“Are you employed, Mr. Lebowski?”

Possibly a byproduct of The Great Resignation, I now invest my own capital and my friends call me a “retired millennial”… Yet, nothing is further from the truth.

In my current life I spend an inordinate amount of time reading / researching and (more importantly) thinking about investment topics and how the world works.

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I document in this blog (some of) my thoughts as I manage risk and compound capital along the way—leveraging the grand advantages of not-so-novel Web 2.0 technology.

Subscribers can expect me to deliver actionable investment ideas with a macro overlay every other week. I also offer a peak into my investment approach and offer level-headed content that I deem useful / interesting.

I like to linger outside-the-box, so expect me to also share the mistakes I make… plus the occasional chart crime…

I always ask people to qualify how strongly they feel about a certain call. I will try to adhere to that here, along with providing a status on the prospective or existing investment discussed.

This is not an investment memorandum and it does not go out to LPs, so I try to keep things refreshingly informal and relatively entertaining.

Why you shouldn’t subscribe

Importantly and to be clear from the onset:

This is mainly a blog about investing, yet (therefore?) you will not find discussions of “get rich overnight” schemes.

Managing money is hard. So is managing risk. Expect me to treat it as such.

“It’s not supposed to be easy. Anyone who finds it easy is stupid.” —Charlie Munger

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“I don’t consider myself a journalist… and nobody else would consider myself a journalist.”

Borrowing the above quote from Carlyle’s David Rubenstein, I want to be very upfront about the fact that I don’t pretend to be a journalist / writer. Neither do I think, generally, borrowing from a seasoned PE investor like Rubenstein is often a great investment proposition!

I’m an investor, first and foremost. I’m not a writer that invests. And the distinction is important to me.

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John Galt
Post-pandemic adventures of a 'retired' millennial. Former institutional private equity investor. Not investment advice.