Thanks for sharing your thinking. Helpful to understand. Since you own China shares, it would be great if you can share names (and if you're bold your cost basis). This will really engage the community as we ride up together on wins (and down together on losses).

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Thanks for the question!

If you check out the final installment (#7) of the three-part piece on China you'll find plenty of information on thesis, names, analysis and costs. My basis is not far off those values.

I've fished out a paragraph from that note that should give you an idea:

"In fact, my China tech portfolio is comprised of a majority position in $KWEB—the great, beleaguered proxy for China tech—and a fairly large position in Alibaba ($BABA), surrounded by a constellation of much smaller, different names including Baidu ($BIDU), JD.com ($JD), Pinduoduo ($PDD) and (sometimes) Kingsoft Cloud ($KC). Also, note that roughly 30% of KWEB is composed of those 5 stocks."

Hope you find this useful.

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